Ever since I was a child I felt that there is something fundamentally wrong with the world; but, I just could not put my finger on it until I stopped working and I started searching for the truth in A.D. 2006.  As a result of my own independent research I discovered that the truth was far stranger than fiction. 

As a result of the knowledge, wisdom and understanding that I have gained over the last several years of research I was led to become a true Christian believer.  Even though I always lived my life according to God’s Law, The Ten Commandments,  I only came to understand and accept God’s promise and God’s free gift of pardon by accepting His only begotten Son, Christ Jesus (see John 3:16 [KJV]) ultimately in my symbolic re-birth through the water baptism of my God-given inalienable Christian name, Mladen, on October 12, 2013 A.D. ( anno domini [In the Year of Our Lord and Saviour] ).

It is written in the Christian Charter, the Authorized 1611 King James Holy Bible at Hebrews 7:22 [ King James Version (KJV) ], “ By so much was Jesus made a surety of a better testament.”  And, at John 3:16 (KJV) it is written, “ For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Our Creator, Maker and true Father, God, only asks that we accept Him.  But, this is a free will choice that each individual must make for themselves, in essence it is the choice between good and evil, and it requires a true Christian to exercise their Christian faith muscle.  It is impossible to be on two opposite sides of any issue at the same time.  Therefore, each individual must choose between allegiance to God (YHWH), as opposed to the secular world which is under the dominion of the enemy of God, Satan the devil (deceiver) [ see 1 John 5:19 (KJV) and also 2 Corinthians 4:4 (KJV) for an explanation ].

A true Christian must “Forsake all” [ Luke 14:33  (KJV) ] and forsake (abandon) everything they have in common in the collective or aggregate of secular society so that they can be separate and distinguished because we know that Christ Jesus (Y’shua) said that God’s (Yhwh) Kingdom is no part of this secular (God-less, not spiritual) world.  A true Christians should be seeking first the Kingdom of God (Yhwh).  That is why it is written at James 4:4 (KJV), “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.”

The fundamental choice is between doing the will of our true Father, God (YHWH), or doing our will for selfish private gain (profit, mammon) as it is written in Holy Scripture at Matthew 6:24 (KJV), “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”  We only truly do God’s will when we do things out of unconditional love and out of pure charity for our fellow man.

Unfortunately, doing God’s will is too inconvenient for most people who have been indoctrinated by Satan’s secular (not spiritual) world which promotes the idea of only working for sinful selfish gain (profit, money, mammon).  That is why God gave us free will to choose between Satan’s booby prize for those that choose a  short-term materialistic and selfish existence, as opposed to those that forsake their short-term life in return for eternal life and reward according to God’s promises.

When I first met my Christian brother, Daniel, during my journey and search for truth and fact, Daniel would often say, “Wh you do what’s right, You would get what’s left, That’s the remainder, That’s the rest.”

True Christians must rest in peace.  Even though we live on this earth now, we should not be part of the artificial secular (God-less, not spiritual) world of man.  As Christ said, we are of the world but no part of it.  The Kingdom of God is no part of man’s artificial world of fiction because a fiction is a lie.  God hates liars and a true Christian must not lie.  God is not a respecter of “Persons”, and a “Person” is an artificial and dead legal fiction, which is a legal lie.  The artificial “Person” is a fraud.  However, fraud is not fraud as long as you continue to voluntarily consent to participate in the fraud.

The fundamental error that almost everyone has made in the past out of ignorance (lack of knowledge)  is that we had volunteered and consented to be a participant member of secular society by making a false claim, false assumption, and false presumption, which led us to become the ignorant surety (guarantor, warrantor) for an artificial and dead surname and its artificial and dead “Legal name” for a “Legal Person” (persona, mask), which is not our property (title).  In Job 32:21-22 (KJV) Christians are told that they must not accept any “Titles” of man, and STRONG’S CONCORDANCE defines “Title” as “Surname.”

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.  If we use the law name, which is the surname and its ambiguous combined (merged & confused) “Legal Name”, we become voluntary slaves (aka subjects, serfs) to the law name, which is not our property.  However, this error or mis-take is based on a voidable contract and it is not void until you take action to void it.  The truth is that ignorance of the fact is an excuse in both God’s eyes and in the law and ignorance of the fact that the surname is not your property and the fact that the God-given inalienable Christian name is your property leads to an equitable (fair) remedy under the anterior and superior Natural Law of God.

People who choose to ignorantly go against God’s will in order to do their own selfish private will try to rationalize their incorrect behavior and their false belief by saying that they must participate as a member of secular society in order to survive because they know no other way to live.  This is the same reason why false Christians misunderstand and misinterpret Romans 13 (KJV) in order to falsely claim that God wanted man (created in God’s image) to be secular citizens or civilians.  Secular (God-less, not spiritual) society is set up for all those people who wish to deny God (Yhwh) and deny God’s graced remedy and pardon through acceptance of the substitute sacrifice of his only begotten Son (John 3:16), Christ Jesus (Y’shua, Aramaic for ‘God is with us’).

The surname is opposite to the Christian name and it is like mixing two opposites — good and evil, right and wrong, oil and water —  and the two should never be together.   The surname is after-acquired property, an unnecessary addition which can be claimed by none and assumed by any one, and the surname is liened as collateral (chattel) for a debt attached to it.  To be clear, the surname and the combined “Legal Name” are NOT YOUR PROPERTY.  The combined artificial dead “Legal Name” is public property belonging to the collective (aggregate) of secular society in the form of the dead body corporate known as the “Legal Person”, which is a legal fiction, and a fiction is a lie!  In law the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that “The only legal person known to our law is the corporation — the body corporate.” [ Hague v. Cancer Relief & Research Institute ].  There is no provision in any of man’s posterior and inferior artificial laws to transfer the God-given INALIENABLE Christian name to any corporation, person or trust. Period!

Once you joint the collective (aggregate, hive) of secular society then resistance is futile!  If you consent to have your INALIENABLE God-given Christian name joined to the surname [which is arms (heraldry, coat-of-arms) for the purpose of war] then as a “Civilian” or “Citizen” you must follow millions of man-made ordinances (statutes, legislation, etc.).  You are not party to the secular man-made constitution.  However, if you volunteer and consent to your own slavery it is not unlawful.  As a voluntary feudal slave (serf, subject) in the artificial system of man you are a “Mere private person” with no rights and you are at war with the government STATOCRACY (rule by force by military chiefs such as the Commander-In-Chief, Governor General, Attorney Generals, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Ministers, Deputies, Senators, Army, Navy, Air Force, Military Police, Sergeants, Captains, Police policy enforcers in the form of Special Constables (tithe collectors for the anti-Christian Roman Catholic [pagan universal} secular false-Christian false-church), etc., etc.).

We individually are responsible for causing our own misery and we suffer the consequences of our own action or inaction and have only ourselves to blame.  The reason that you must insure absolutely every action and every piece of property in man’s artificial secular world of fiction (lies) is that it is not your property because the “Legal name” you use is not your property.  You are simply renting the use of the “Legal Name” and you need a licence to use property that does not belong to you.

Let me give you two brief examples of man’s artificial world of legal fiction, which is legal lies, and what happens when you volunteer and consent to participate in this voidable fraud, which is not void until you void it.  First, when the secular courts issue a piece of paper to summon who will appear for the artificial and dead “Legal name”, which does not belong to you, they do so, “In the name of Her Majesty.”  You must ask yourself, if it is Her Majesty’s name, then why would you appear for “It”?

Secondly, if you use your free will to choose to continue to volunteer and consent to your own feudal slavery as a participating member citizen or civilian of secular society you are committing intentional sin against the will of God (Yhwh), which makes you both a trader (buying & selling for selfish profit/gain/money), which is “Trafficking”, and so you need a licence, which is permission to do what is otherwise unlawful, which is the “Driver’s License” which is governed by the MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTATION under the HIGHWAY TRAFFIC ACT.  For those that need a detailed explanation of why this is so here it is.  In the original SAMUAL JOHNSON dictionary, first published on April 15, 1755 A.D. he defined TRANSPORATION as, “2. Banishment for felony.”  A felony is an enormous crime subject to capital punishment, which is death!  The true crime is that God does not allow his children to engage in any kind of secular commerce for private dishonest gain.

You may be asking, “What is the enormous crime (felony) that is punishable by death?”  The crime is TRAFFICKING in the “Legal Name” that is not your property.  You may have ignorantly committed this crime if you have a “JOB”, which in Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of American English is defined as, “Supposed private work for the purpose of private dishonest gain.”  So that there is no confusion or debate here, in 1755 Samuel Johnson also defined “PENSION” as, “An allowance made to any one without an equivalent.  In England it is general understood to mean pay given to a state hireling for treason to his country.”  You may ask, “Which country did you commit treason against?”  Could it be the New Jerusalem of God’s Kingdom of Heaven?  And, you used public property, which is the “Legal Name”, which is not your property, for private dishonest gain.  In fact and in law, you need to insure and license everything in secular society because NONE OF IT IS YOURS.  YOU OWN NOTHING!
The only way to freedom is a Christian constitutional exemption for those that use their free will and their God-given INALIENABLE right not to participate in sinful secular society where they were previously a voluntary feudal slave, in voluntary bondage, and as a “Mere private person’, or “Citizen” or “Civilian.”  In secular society there are only negative duties, debts and obligations (responsibilities) because secular world participants (civilians) deny both God and Christ Jesus.  Unbelievers just won’t care about any of this and God graciously and charitably gives unbelievers the free will and right to choose to live a short-term secular life that leads to permanent death at the expense of eternal life with God.  That is the booby prize for secular unbelievers.

However, believers have a God-given inalienable right to separate from unbelievers and to do so they must separate their God-given inalienable Christian name from the secular surname and abandon the artificial dead “Legal name” for the artificial dead “Legal Person” (persona, mask).  True Christians must give up the right to be civil.  They must give up the right to be legal.  They must give up the right to impersonate the dead.  They must give up the right to sue or be sued.  They must give up the right to be illusionary owners since there is no provision in any law for anybody to own anything.  A true Christian must exercise their faith in God to show that they believe that God would look after them.  This is the true test of Christian faith.



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